About Us


Discover our wide and varied range of whimsical, inspiring, adventurous, educational, stimulating, entertaining and enchanting toys and gifts!

Allerlei European Toys & Gifts offers beautifully made European toys and children’s gifts with a point of difference. 'Allerlei' is a German word and means 'all sorts of' - we think this is a good way of describing our extensive collection of items for children of all ages. 

Each of our brands has been selected for their high standards of design, materials, educational value, craftsmanship and safety and for their distinctive product ranges. We seek products that entertain, stimulate and educate, and that stand out through their unique features and appeal. Discover our extensive collection of whimsical, inspiring, adventurous, educational, enchanting and classic items, many of them made from natural materials such as wood and organic cotton.

We deliver Australia-wide.