Oskar&ellen® offers an enchanting range of imaginative fabric products. Each item is made with incredible attention to detail and stands out through its unique design and high quality. With an extensive collection of play bags, story bags, pretend play items, reversible story dolls, dress-up items and more, the range is aimed at encouraging children’s imagination through role play. 

All oskar&ellen® toys are designed in Sweden and handmade in carefully selected sewing studios in Manila, Philippines. The production cycle of making an oskar&ellen® product involves over 100 steps from product design and development to the process of sewing each item (some products include over 15 different types of fabric). It is a long journey from the drawing table in Stockholm to the hands-on work in Manila until the product reaches its final destination in a child’s hands.

The sewing studios were chosen more than 14 years ago by the founder of oskar&ellen®, Petra Jinglöv, who lived in Manila for four years. Oskar&ellen® have developed a very close relationship with these studios over the years. All employees are paid a fair wage and oskar&ellen® are proud to be able to provide job security and income stability for the workers and their families. Oskar&ellen® believe that the warm and cheerful attitude of the people of the Philippines is reflected in their products.

Hand wash at 40° C is recommended for all items. Please iron your product with low heat or steam and your product will look great.

All oskar&ellen® products comply with the European and Australian standards for toy safety and carry the CE mark.